Legoland California

LEGOLAND ® California—one of San Diego's premier theme parks—ignites creativity in kids and adults of all ages. Feel the excitement grow as you approach the front entrance, where a 9-foot, bright red, LEGO dinosaur welcomes you to a day of color, amusement, thrills, and action!

LEGOLAND is divided into several areas—the Beginning, Dino Island, Explore Village, Miniland USA, Funtown, Knight's Village, and Imagination Zone.

Older kids (and adults) head for Imagination Zone, which features the LEGO TECHNIC Coaster. People of all ages also enjoy riding high above LEGOLAND on Fun Town's Sky Cruiser—but be sure to line up early for this popular ride. Fun Town has other appealing “transportation opportunities”—youngsters can fly a biplane, captain a LEGO boat, and even pilot a helicopter. Although every LEGOLAND area offers something for toddlers, Explore Village is an ideal place for them to start. It's home to the interactive Playtown and the Fairy Tale Brook boat ride. Castle Hill features not one, but two, exciting coaster rides—Dragon Coaster and Spell Breaker. Playtown is also one of five venues that offers a family-oriented theater experience. Be sure to take advantage of the many interactive play areas that are designed to stimulate both physical and mental activity in children and adults.

Land of Adventure-Transporting you into 1920s Egypt, Land of Adventure is comprised of four new attractions including our first-ever dark ride, Lost Kingdom Adventure. Based in ancient temple ruins, Lost Kingdom Adventure puts you inside an all-terrain roadster and takes you on a journey to recover stolen treasure by blasting targets with laser guns along the way. Your score is recorded and competition is fierce as skill and determination are the keys to a successful expedition. Brave riders encounter ten different scenes along the journey including a spider's lair, professor's lab, mummy relics and a skeleton band that requires riders to hit the correct targets to make them play. A LEGO ® pharaoh, standing more than 16-feet tall, guards the entrance to Lost Kingdom Adventure staring down at all those who dare enter.

Adjacent to the hidden ruins, a different adventure awaits with other new rides
Cargo Ace and Beetle Bounce. Cargo Ace helps imaginations soar as children become pilots as they board one of eight airplanes and fly up to six feet into the air. Beetle Bounce boosts children to even bigger heights, nearly 15 feet to be exact, as they are launched up one of two towers nearly touching the gigantic LEGO beetles above them. At Pharaoh's Revenge, children and parents can fire thousands of foam balls at targets and

More than a standard aquarium, SEA LIFE™ Aquarium provides an educational and interactive dynamic unlike any other. Featuring play zones, fun facts and quiz trails, SEA LIFE is designed to be a child's guide to the life of the sea. The SEA LIFE voyage begins high in the fresh waters of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, continuing on to the San Francisco Harbor and finally journeying to the depths of the Pacific Ocean via the California shoreline. Along the way, families discover the lost ancient city of Atlantis and a sunken shipwreck.
In line with the SEA LIFE philosophy, SEA LIFE Aquarium at the LEGOLAND California Resort focuses on the creatures commonly found in local waters. All of the freshwater fish living in the aquarium can be found in California lakes and streams, and our cold water marine animals, which are all native to the California coastline.
At the entrance, a huge LEGO® fish spanning more than 10 feet will greet visitors. Made of thousands of LEGO bricks, this new model joins a nearly 11 foot-long submarine which will be installed in the ocean display. These are just two of more than 70 new LEGO models you'll find at SEA LIFE Aquarium, totaling tens of thousands of LEGO bricks.
SEA LIFE also features a seahorse kingdom where children can get their first look at these mythical creatures, a bay of rays where they can experience marine life up-close and a shoaling ring where they will be surrounded 360 degrees by schools of shimmering fish. As guests stroll through an acrylic tunnel, they will be immersed in the ocean without getting wet, surrounded by more than 20 species of sharks, fish and invertebrates. An interactive discovery zone, including the Southern California Tide Pool, also offers young visitors the opportunity to interact with SEA LIFE experts, get hands-on with interesting creatures of the ocean in a touch pool and participate in building their own coral reef out of LEGO brick.
SEA LIFE opened August 11, 2008.

Ocean Journey Cafe

Ocean Journey Cafe is a family market style restaurant featuring fast, fresh, friendly and flavorful food, supplied locally from California. The authentic dining atmosphere focuses on simple, natural dishes made from scratch.


If you're a devoted LEGO ® enthusiast or just visiting us on vacation, we've got the stores for you! Anything you need or want can be found right here in the Park.

The Big Shop , our largest retail facility at just over 8,000 square feet, is jam-packed with the biggest selection of LEGO merchandise in the U.S. We can ship packages for you anywhere in the world.

Just across the way, The Market offers freshly baked muffins, croissants, brownies and cookies, along with gourmet coffees, espresso, soda and juices.

This studio store offers LEGO toys, souvenirs, apparel and more from our favorite movie and TV hits such as Batman, StarWars™, Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder and Sponge Bob Squarepants.

While you're here, you can also create a CD in our music studio like a real rock star!

Our Dig Those Dinos store has many fun things for budding paleontologists, including take-home paleontology tools, apparel and dino-themed LEGO sets.

Rent a shovel and pail to excavate the adjacent sand pit and collect a special surprise when you return your tools.

If you are looking for fun, you've come to the right town! All adults remember longing to be BIG when they were kids. Fun Town is the perfect place for youngsters to live out that dream in a scaled-down town created just for them.

You don't have to be 16 to get your driver's license at the Volvo Driving School or Volvo Jr. Driving School , where everyone can learn about signaling, turning, stopping and going.

Fun Town Fire Academy is a hilarious workout that will test your family's fitness, speed, and funny bone! Race LEGO ® fire trucks across a straightaway, then pump water and aim to put out a "burning" building.

On a track high above Fun Town, you will see the unique and colorful pedal cars of Sky Cruiser . The Kid Power Towers are towers of fun that give a panoramic view of the Park and the Pacific Ocean, capped with an exhilarating kid-sized "free fall" to the bottom.

Children and adults alike can maneuver their own LEGO boat at Skipper School - keep an eye out for LEGO brick characters along the way, like the Skipper himself in a floating bath tub!

Attention Pilots! Climb aboard the Sky Patrol and let the spinning propeller take you up and down and up again. Young aviators, as well as adults, have the chance to fly their own bi-planes aboard the Flight Squadron .

Learn all about fire safety as the zany Fun Town Fire Department volunteers attempt to conquer " The Big Test " on Fun Town Stage . This show features a working fire truck - so be prepared, you might get wet!

The LEGO club house is the ultimate place to use your imagination to invent your own LEGO creations! You can stock up on bulk LEGO bricks, Make & Create kits and much more. Click here for additional information on Park shopping.

At the LEGO Factory Tour , see automated machinery demonstrating molding, decorating, assembling and packing of real LEGO bricks.

At the Adventurers' Club young adventurers can walk on a mysterious journey featuring inhabitants of the Amazon rain forest, ancient Egypt and the Arctic - all made of LEGO bricks.

Park Overview:

At LEGOLAND ® California, your day starts at The Beginning , the main entrance plaza to the Park. You can't miss the bright red welcoming dinosaur, Bronte, standing nine feet tall and 34 feet long from his nose to the tip of his tail, made completely from LEGO ® bricks!

Land of Adventure - Now Open! Transporting you into 1920s Egypt, Land of Adventure is comprised of our new attractions including our first-ever dark ride, Lost Kingdom Adventure.

The Beginning At LEGOLAND ® California, your day starts at The Beginning, the main entrance plaza to the Park.

Dino Island Thundering into Dino Island, Coastersaurus speeds up to 21 mph as it climbs, curves and dips in and around a prehistoric jungle of animated and life-sized LEGO ® brick dinosaurs.

EXPLORE Village EXPLORE Village provides a whimsical setting where our younger guests will find wonder and adventure.

Fun Town If you are looking for fun, you've come to the right town! All adults remember longing to be BIG when they were kids.

Pirate Shores Avast ye maties, landlubbers and scallywags! Come aboard for an incredible, swashbuckling adventure at the all new Pirate Shores.

Castle Hill Castle Hill creates the illusion of a romantic time in history when kings and queens reigned supreme, and knights rescued damsels in distress.

Miniland USA The heart of LEGOLAND ® is Miniland USA. A dedication to the ultimate expression of the LEGO ® art form, Miniland USA includes reproductions of seven areas of the United States, all constructed with 20 million LEGO bricks in 1:20 scale, that can be seen from many places in the Park.

Imagination Zone Seven major life-size and over-size LEGO ® models announce the entry to the Imagination Zone, home to many of our coolest rides and attractions.


LEGOLAND ® California provides non-stop entertainment, ranging from The Big Test to our unique 4-D Racing movie experience.

Our goal is to provide not only laughs, but also a learning experience for all of our guests as we promote the LEGO values in our stories and shows.

So whether you are getting sprayed by the zany Fun Town Firefighters or hugging your favorite costume character you are bound to enjoy yourself - and you might learn something too!

On May 23 LEGOLAND ® California launches " Journey to the Lost Temple", a 25-minute musical adventure comedy featuring characters from the Park's own Land of Adventure. The first year-round musical production in the history of LEGOLAND California, “Journey to the Lost Temple” was written by Shawn Greiner, the Park's entertainment supervisor, specifically for children ages 2 to 12. The show features a cast of five San Diego-based actors and more than 30 volunteers pulled from the audience.

Journey to The Lost Temple is performed by a rotating cast that includes:

Michael Ahmann (Johnny Thunder)
Mr. Ahmann is a 23 year-old native San Diegan who has been performing since he was a child. Credits include: A Christmas Carol at San Diego Repertory Theatre; Godspell and Turandot for San Diego Opera; Grease; and Hamlet at La Jolla Playhouse. He performs regularly with Fern Street Circus as an acrobat and aerialist in shows throughout the city. One of his favorite summers was spent juggling in a Japanese theme park.

Rachel Dorman (Swing): is a 23 year-old San Diego native who recently graduated from San Diego Christian College with a B.A. in musical theater. She has been singing and dancing in many stages across San Diego including The Broadway Theatre, The Mt. Helix Amphitheater and The East County Performing Arts Center. Among her favorite roles are Meg in Leading Ladies, Maria in West Side Story and Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

Shannon Fitzpatrick (Swing):
Ms. Fitzpatrick is excited to be involved with the new musical at LEGOLAND. Born and raised in El Cajon, she has performed with many local theatres such as La Jolla Playhouse, The Old Globe, Lamb's Players Theatre, San Diego Lyric Opera and Mystery Cafe Dinner Theatre. She is currently studying theatre and dance at UCSD and plans to graduate next spring. She also performs in LEGOLAND California's acrobat show The Big Test.

Mia Bella Josimovic (Pippin Reed/ Moriah the Mummy)
Ms. Josimovic is a senior at La Costa Canyon High School and has lived in Carlsbad and Encinitas most of her life. She has been performing in San Diego for more than 12 years in over 30 productions. Credits include Penelope Pennywise in Urinetown, Marian in The Music Man, Baker's Wife in Into the Woods, and her latest role as Queen Aggravain in Once Upon A Mattress.

Drew Larson (Lord Sam Sinister/ Sphinx/ Slither)
Mr. Larson was born in St. Louis, MO and raised in Houston, finally landing in Oceanside after three years at UCSC and a year in Europe. He also lived in Japan for a year. He has an M.A. from SDSU and has appeared in more than 20 professional theatrical productions across the US and in Europe.

Jenn Mandala-Gravel (Cleo/ Pippin Reed us)
Ms. Mandala-Gravel began performing at the age of 4 at her church in Ramona and never stopped. After attaining her B.A. in Drama from UC Irvine, Jenn returned to the San Diego area and began performing daily at LEGOLAND, California. Jenn has also performed at the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Starlight Theatre, Moonlight at the Avo Playhouse and with San Diego Musical Theatre in various shows and roles.

Marty Martin (Lord Sam Sinister/ Sphinx/ Slither)
Mr. Martin is no stranger to LEGOLAND California where he has been bringing laughter, smiles and water (to those in the first three rows) for more than 8 years in roles such as Fire Chief Stern, Bernie the Red knight and Brick-or-Treat favorite Jester Funny-Bones. Martin has written two original shows for LEGOLAND California that have been nominated as finalists for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Awards. His most recent effort, Skull's Eye: The Search for the Enchanted Crown, landed the top honor. He also wrote the Sphinx Song for Journey to the Lost Temple.

Dirk Stenger (Johnny Thunder)
Mr. Stenger has been involved in San Diego theatre from a very young age. Starting with an elementary school program F.A.M.E (Fine Arts Magnet Education), he has gone on to perform on the Lyceum Stage, 6th@Penn Theatre and with San Diego Lyric Opera. He has performed such roles as Marius in Les Miserables, Jekyll/Hyde in Jekyll and Hyde and Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He is extremely excited to be performing at LEGOLAND for the first time and wants to give thanks for all of the support forces in his life.

Jaysen Waller (Lord Sam Sinister/ Sphinx/ Slither)
Mr. Waller lives in Escondido, California. Regional and local theatre credits include: La Jolla Playhouse, Theatre de la Jeune Lune, Sledgehammer, Moonlight Stage Productions, Playwrights Project with The Old Globe, and LEGOLAND California in the shows The Big Test, Knights Challenge and The Adventures of The S.S. ½ Mast. TV credits include a recurring role on MyNetworkTV's Fashion House and a guest starring role on Wicked Wicked Games. He received his BA in Theatre from UCSD and is a member of AFTRA.
Christina Dasha Burns (Dasha) is a student at La Costa Canyon High School. She was born in Ukraine but grew up in San Diego. She began doing theatre when she was 7 years old and hasn't been able to stay away from the stage ever since. She has performed in community theatres throughout San Diego and is involved in theatre at her school as well. Some of her favorite roles include Adelaide in “Guys and Dolls”, Kim in “Bye Bye Birdie”, and Frenchy in “Grease”. She feels extremely privileged to work with the talented cast and directors of “Journey to the Lost Temple” and is very excited to be performing at LEGOLAND California


LEGOLAND ® California is located at One LEGOLAND Drive , just off Interstate 5, in the seaside village of Carlsbad, 30 minutes north of San Diego and one hour south of Anaheim.

Click here for door-to-door directions using MapQuest .

From San Diego North County:
Take Interstate 5 South to Cannon Road East, turn right at LEGOLAND Drive and follow signs to LEGOLAND

From San Diego North County Inland:
Take 15 North or South to 78 West to Interstate 5 South, then take Cannon Road East, turn right at LEGOLAND Drive and follow signs to LEGOLAND

From Coastal San Diego Area:
Take Interstate 5 North to Cannon Road East, turn right at LEGOLAND Drive and follow signs to LEGOLAND

From San Diego East County:
Take 8 West to Interstate 5 North to Cannon Road East, turn right at LEGOLAND Drive, then follow signs to LEGOLAND

From Los Angeles and Orange County:
Take the 405 South / Interstate 5 South to Cannon Road East, turn right at LEGOLAND Drivethen follow signs to LEGOLAND

Wild Animal Park San Diego

San Diego Wild Animal Park
At the San Diego Wild Animal Park, species mingle just like they do in the wild, and visitors can see them as they might be seen in their native Asia and Africa. The San Diego Wild Animal Park began as a veritable Noah's Ark and was opened as a tourist attraction afterward. Today, dozens of nearly-extinct species have been bred here and re-introduced into the wild.

San Diego Wild Animal Park Exhibits and Activities

The San Diego Wild Animal Park covers 1,800 acres and there's plenty to do and see.

  • Journey Into Africa: This trip may be the closest many of us will ever come to seeing these wild critters in their natural environment. Typically, you will see giraffes, several kinds of rhinoceros, elephants and other kinds of wild creatures, all roaming together like they do in the wild. The vehicle tour replaces the old Wgasa Bush Line Railway train and is not included in the lowest-priced general admission ticket.
  • Heart of Africa: In this area, you'll find a giraffe feeding station where you can buy snacks and hand-feed the tall creatures. Arrive at feeding time, and you'll be sure to see the cheetahs. Check to find out the times for these activities. There are also daily animal encounters on the lawn here.
  • Lorikeet Landing: Lorikeets are very colorful birds slightly larger than a parakeet. Stop at the entrance to their enclosure to buy a cup of lorikeet nectar. Hold it in your hand and the birds will sit on your finger and drink it up. This activity is highly recommended for kids and adults.
  • Nairobi Village: Here you'll find the Petting Kraal where you can get some hands-on time with the tamest critters, along with the San Diego Wild Animal Park Nursery. There's also a daily bird show.
  • Other areas of the San Diego Wild Animal Park include the Lion Camp, Elephant Overlook, Condor Ridge, African Aviary and Australian Rain Forest. If horticulture is your passion, you can indulge it at the Wild Animal Park. Look for the unusual gardens spread along the trails.
The San Diego Wild Animal Park raises extra money with a number of fun activities such as Photo Safaris, Cheetah Run Safari, Balloon Safari (a 15-minute ride that goes 400 feet in the air), sleepovers and special Wild Animal Park tours. Extra admission is charged for these, and you can find all the details at the San Diego Wild Animal Park website .


Activities included with general admission

Discovery Station

This new kid-friendly area for children and adults is filled with musical instruments, puppets, books, craft activities, and wildlife "toys" and is designed to give children and their adult companions a playful space to learn. Educators facilitate learning and activities every day during Park operating hours. You can stop by for an impromptu animal presentation, or do a stone rubbing of your favorite animal track. The Station is located next to the Park's Thorn Tree Terrace.

Savanna Cool Zone

Walk through palm trees offering a gentle mist to three slippery critters that spout water: a turtle, a lion, and a crocodilian. Located next to Lion Camp , the Savanna Cool Zone is a wild way to cool off!

Jameson Research Island

10 a.m.–4 p.m.
Stop by this island research outpost to see animals up close, hear real-life animal stories, and play with inventive water games. Located in Heart of Africa.

Fisher-Price Samburu Jungle Gym

Kids love to climb and explore in this safari-themed play area; parents love the shade-covered picnic area! Located below Benbough Amphitheater.

Keeper Talks at Lion Camp

Meet our lion keepers and learn about the cats in their care.

Activities included with Best Value admission package (*may also be purchased separately)

Journey into Africa tour Guided tour rides depart 9:15 a.m.–4 p.m. daily, including all holidays, with extended hours during summer's Park At Dark .
Journey into Africa tour The Journey into Africa tour is an exciting expedition, with brightly colored tour vehicles, a new route, and our diverse animal collection creating a fresh, new adventure. The new ride path takes you into some of the field exhibits, giving you a chance to connect with the animals on a closer level. *Journey into Africa is not included with general admission, only with the Best Value admission package. Separate tour price is $10 for adults, $6 for children ages 3 – 11.

Conservation Carousel

For kids and kids at heart, our colorful Conservation Carousel features 60 ride elements to choose from, many of which replicate rare and endangered animals. You can ride giraffes, rhinos, zebras, cheetahs, and more—which will be your favorite? *Conservation Carousel is not included with general admission, only with the Best Value admisison package. Separate carousel price is $2 per ride, or $4 to ride all day.

Other activities (not included with general admission or Best Value admission package)

Balloon Safari (temporarily closed for maintenance)

Get a bird's-eye view of the entire Wild Animal Park on this unique airborne ride, modeled after the hot air balloon tours of the Serengeti. Located just west of Lion Camp , this quiet, tethered helium-filled balloon can carry up to 30 people and rises up to 400 feet (121 meters), giving riders a panoramic view of lions, rhinos, giraffes, wildebeest, and gazelle, as well as the beautiful San Pasqual Valley. Tickets for the Balloon Safari are available for $20 (members pay $17) at either the main entrance or at the balloon site. Balloon Safari operates daily, and each launch lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Photo Caravan Safari Tours

Experience the safari of your life on one of our Photo Caravan Safari Tours . Safari trucks take you into the heart of our large field exhibits, where you get an up-close-and-personal look at the free-roaming animals of Africa and Asia. Don't forget to bring your camera for some amazing photo opportunities. Also offered (during February and the summer) are Night Moves Caravan Tours for adults only and Family Caravan Tours (offered April–September) for families with children ages 6 and up. More...

Cheetah Run Safari

Witness the world's fastest land mammal do what it does best—run! Cheetah Run Safari takes you to beautiful, rustic Cheetah Outpost to meet some African animals up close. Then you'll feel the wind whoosh by as the sleek cheetah bolts past, mere feet away, after a mechanical rabbit lure. Offered on Saturdays and Sundays only. More...

Savanna Safari

A premium version of the Journey into Africa tour, Savanna Safari is a 50-minute program that takes you to all the places on the Journey into Africa tour, as well as other areas not on the tour, such as Mountain Habitat. All you have to do is sit back in the comfort of an intimate safari cart and get ready to see incredible animals and their habitats. Tickets can be purchased at the Journey into Africa ticket booth on the day of the program. More...

Ride on the Wild Side

Venture deeper into the Wild Animal Park experience! A Ride on the Wild Side takes you in a safari cart to meet an animal up close, visit the back area of Lion Camp, and check out the cheetahs' bedrooms. This two-hour tour also includes a trip on the Journey into Africa path, as well as binoculars to help you get the best view possible of our African animals. More...

ZooWerks simulator ride: SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D

Riders join SpongeBob SquarePants™ as he desperately pursues a runaway pickle in his heartfelt desire to serve the perfect Krabby Patty. Get ready for a hilarious and zany adventure as SpongeBob chases a robotic double of Patrick through Bikini Bottom. The ZooWerks simulator ride can be found next to the Park's Petting Kraal in Nairobi Village. Price for members is $5.50 for adults (12 and older) and $4.50 for children ages 3–11; nonmember price is $6 for adults (12 and older) and $5 for children ages 3–11. The ride is at the Park for a limited time. Prices and films subject to change.

Member Special: During the month of May, members may buy one ZooWerks ticket and receive a second one free!


Experience Africa

This brand-new interactive family show features life-sized "parade puppets," magic, and music to involve and entertain you as you help bring life-saving rain to the animals during this playful African folktale. The 20-minute show can be seen in the Elephant Show Amphitheater at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily, with additional show times during Park At Dark . Come join the fun and help bring the rain!

Animal Trackers

Test your knowledge of wildlife trivia as you play along during Animal Trackers , a new, interactive show at the Park. Held at Benbough Amphitheater, the game show-themed program includes visits from some very special animal guests. Come see how much you really know about animals! Animal Trackers is offered daily at noon and 4 p.m. and is included with Park admission.

Frequent Flyers Bird Show

An East African crowned crane in flight is a stunning sight viewed by only a privileged few, until now! The crane is one of the stars of the Wild Animal Park's bird show, Frequent Flyers . The program lets you witness birds in full flight.

Frequent Flyers offers spectacular flights and focuses on a variety of birds from around the world. You'll find this program engaging as you watch more birds free flying, offering a chance to see the feathered cast's natural talents. With over 40 different species and growing, no two shows will be the same. Frequent Flyers is full of great fun, natural history, fantastic stories, and, of course, lots of birds! Show times are 1 and 3 p.m. daily; the show is included with Park admission.

A number of Animal Encounter chats will get you up-close to some wild things!

Animal Encounters

This interactive program gives you an opportunity to have face-to-face contact with the Park's animal ambassadors like a cheetah, alligator, serval, and other rare and exotic animals. You may interact with trainers and ask questions about the species. Interactions happen throughout the Park, check your map insert for times and locations.


Thorntree Terrace: Located in Nairobi Village , the Thorntree Terrace not only offers a selection of sandwiches, salads, and burgers to diners, but also daily entertainment from the nearby inhabitants of Spider Monkey Island. Breakfast is also served here until 10:30 a.m.

Mombasa Island Cooker: An outdoor dining facility covered with a thatched roof and located in a secluded area surrounded with exotic waterfowl. The Mombasa Island Cooker serves up Italian and Asian specialities, as well as salads and burgers.

Okavango Outpost: Select your meal from a choice of hot dogs, deli sandwiches, salads, and Kid's Meals, then dine outdoors and enjoy the spectacular scenery in the Park's Heart of Africa exhibit.

Samburu Terrace: This outdoor dining facility is located just below the popular Bird Show amphitheater . It offers burgers, hot dogs, fries, chicken sandwiches, barbecue ribs, tri-tip sandwiches, Kid's Meals, salads, and "South of the Border" entrées.

Congo Kitchen: Located in Nairobi Village, across from the main gift shop , Congo Kitchen serves hot dogs, nachos, and Kid's Meals.


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